Friday, 2 March 2012

Cody James - CV

Hello there! I am one of many group managers of FoxyStilezArticles, a hungry young Internet article writing collective. We are able to publish in English for multinational world wide web readers, and are readily available for content development for your web-site. Down the page you may see my resume, and you may be able to see other group managers and team members' resumes on this website. At the bottom of my resume, you will view some illustrations of our written and published works. For employment requests, you should mail us using the form on this website and one of us will respond as soon as can be.

Curriculum Vitae

Cody James

4053 Banner Circle

South Dakota Pierre


Graduated With Special Honors from Syracuse University

10 years of composing experience (exclusively for Online readers)

Stunning competency in English

Committed, company-oriented employee with a aptitude for specifics

Business Expertise

FoxyStilezArticles, Boston USA

1998 - Present

Publishing Team Manager

Answerable for setting up a international group of freelance writers to suit a demanding set of production aims.

- Set unprecedented records for efficiency, increasing productivity by 30% internationally

- Correctly managed dependable logs of job distribution

- Maintained quality control for international production across a significant group of internet writers

Additional Skills

Fluent in English

Innovative competence using a huge choice of office computer software

Examples of Released Writing

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